Pan Jie, director of Shengyi Firm, a member of CPC, a standing member of Jinan Confederation of Trade Union, director of Building Project Business Committee, Jinan Lawyer Association, arbitrator of Jinan Arbitration Committee, won the title of the second “Tianqiao Youth Image Ambassador”, an executive committee member of Tianqiao Confederation of Trade Union, architectural engineer, real estate broker, “Jinan Advanced Individual of Judicial Administrative System” in 2011 and 2012. Mobile phone: 13606402111

 Founded in 1994, Shandong Shengyi Law Firm is devoted to construction of a modern and novel law firm which is professional, solid and democratically-managed and has teamwork, cooperative and enterprising spirit. Since 2009, under the leadership of Fan Jie, the director of the law firm, the law firm has quickly developed into the sole provincial excellent law firm in the lawyer industry of Tianqiao District and the sole municipal civilized unit in the industry. Director, Fan Jie was elected the 2nd Youth Image Ambassador of Tianqiao District of Jinan City. Currently, the law firm has more than 70 practicing lawyers and working persons.

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              Headquarter Address: 4F Tianjian Office Building, No. 104 Wuyingshan Middle Road, Tianqiao District, Jinan

              Tianqiao Reception Department 1:Donglin First Office, People’s Court, Tianqiao District

              Tianqiao Reception Department 2:1F, Office Building, Accident Treatment Section, Traffic Police Battalion, Tianqiao District

              Licheng Branch:North gate of Landiao International Community in the east, inclined opposite to the south gate of People’s Court

              Tel: 86-531-88070707, 85666898